The San Diego Vaquero Cheerleaders attended a NCA Cheer Camp and received several awards for their award including the Herkie T.E.A.M. award.

The squad also got a superior award on their band chant.

As of Wednesday, the cheer squad had 11 NCA All American nominees: captain Rianna Pena for motions, co-captain Allison Valdez for stunts, Larissa Saenz for jumps, Jordan Salinas for jumps, Angelina Jimenez for motions, Saydee Galvan for motions, Caitlan Torres for stunts, Alissandra Carrion for motions, Zoe Benavides for motions, Julianna Tunchez for motions, Emeree Rodriguez for motions.

The cheer squad won the spirit stick three days in a row.

Cheer sponsors are Jennifer Pena and Rose Soliz.