Police continue to investigate burglaries across the city

A sting of vehicle burglaries has kept Alice police busy this summer. The entire city seems to have been hit with burglaries and police are investigating each case.

On Wednesday, three juveniles were arrested and a warrant was put out for another juvenile in connection with vehicle burglaries that have occurred in the Sandstone, Cobblestone and Stonehedge area.

The juveniles, male and female, range from ages 14 to 16 were sent to a juvenile detention center after lengthy interviews with police.

"We've had an operation into these burglaries going...These suspects are involved in a majority of vehicle burglaries across town," said Alice police Chief Aniceto "Cheto" Perez. "When a burglary is reported we immediately begin the investigation process using our skills to track evidence from a crime scene to residences and then to suspects. Through the persistence of the investigators we are able to make arrests."

Alice police continues to investigate all vehicle burglary cases regardless if the burglary occurs at a residence or business.

"We treat all burglaries the same whether it's residential, business, a business vehicle or a civilian vehicle. Our officers are working across the city to deter and solve crimes," Perez stated. "It can be a cat and mouse game at times, but eventually criminals, regardless of age, will get caught."

Perez has been with the Alice Police Department for 38 years and every year since the department he sees a spike in burglaries during the summer and during the holidays.

"We know when these crimes are going to spike. We have operations in place to deter crime; everything we can do to serve and protect our community is looked at," he stated.

Many of the recent vehicle burglaries have involved juveniles and are crimes of opportunity. Perez urges parents to pay attention to their children's activities.

"As parents, we need to make sure kids are where they are suppose to be. If they should be in bed, check on them...Sometimes parents don't know their children are involved in a crime or accident because they aren't where they said they would be or they have snuck out late at night," Perez said. 

Chief Perez continues to urge everyone to lock their vehicles and hide their valuables. Potential thieves are looking for a quick money maker.

"Parents, law enforcement and the judicial system have a responsibility to keep our children safe, but we also have to make sure they aren't causing terrible for our neighbors," he said.