Authorities executed a narcotics warrant on Friday, July 19 seizing drugs, weapons and also finding "Satanic" influences at a home on the 900 block of North Aransas Street.

Jim Wells County Sheriff Officials raided the home of 44-year-old Gonzalo Gonzalez. Upon arrival they immediately noticed wooden symbols around the home related to Satanic culture.

Upon entry, they discovered two altars to Satan. Both altars had food offerings and "Satanic" idols. Investigators also found two books on "Satanic rituals." These altars are used to ward off evil and protect them from law enforcement, said Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

This is a known drug dealer in the area and a continued manufacturing operation, according to officials.

The raid led officers to confiscate 21.9 grams of cocaine, 26 grams of Xanax and 0.19 grams of marijuana. A firearm was also seized.

Two other men, 40-year-old David Leyendecker and 54-year-old Victor Ramirez, inside the home were also arrested.

Gonzalez was arrested for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. Leyendecker was charged with possession of marijuana and Ramirez was arrested for outstanding warrants from Karnes County.

The men were taken to the JWC jail.