Tejano music and a career in the music industry has made one Alice teenager into a local celebrity.

Jason Guerra is a 14-year-old Sophomore at Alice High School became a DJ for Fiesta 92.1 with his father at the age of 13. Now, Guerra, also known as Lucky J, has an internet radio station that not only reaches listeners in Alice but also in several countries around the world.

“He has listeners in Mexico, Japan, India, Colombia, Spain, Honduras, South Korea and Nigeria,” said Guerra's father Jesse Guerra, whose been in radio for more than 20 years.

Jesse, also known as DJ Jesse Boy, taught his son everything he needs to know about radio, from setting up the radio systems to selecting the correct songs to play.

Eventually, DJ Jesse Boy and Lucky J broke ties with the radio station and decided to start an internet radio station.

The father and son duo went on a trip to see the Houston Texas football game. On the way they made a stop and encountered Wolf Pack radio which later inspired the father and son to try another aspect of the music industry.

“We decided to do our own project and make our own thing to see where we end up. He has the passion for the music. He's got a lot of passion and is truly interested,” DJ Jesse Boy said. “Of course, we started small, but in the last couple of months doors have opened wide for us...We've had a lot of different opportunities come our way because of Lucky J and the internet radio.”

Lucky J has had to opportunity to meet famous Tejano celebrities and be a part of the music experience because people are watching his show.

“The kids from my school get to see and hear me. At the radio station, and even now, they request songs and follow long with the show,” Lucky J stated. “We went to H-E-B and some people are calling out. It happens a lot of times. People see me and they just yell out from across the store or parking lot.”

DJ Jesse Boy has people watching daily, but his biggest critic is his father.

“I'm always watching him when I'm at work,” DJ Jesse Boy said. “I watch and tell him what needs to be corrected. I know the industry, and I get to be able to help him correct things and just make him a better DJ.”

At 14-years-old Lucky J is his own boss. He gets to set his work hours and his community involvement. In less than a month, he will have to go back to school and school activities.

“It's all time management,” Lucky J stated. “I have school work to do and then I can devote my time to my show.”

Lucky J is using is celebrity status as a way to help the Tejano music industry and culture stay alive in younger generations.

“Kids my age don't listen to Tejano. We need to keep the culture and music alive because it's who we are. I'm in a position where I can encourage kids and adults to listen to Tejano music,” Lucky J stated.

An internet radio show at the hands of a teenager inspiring others playing music.