A rash of vehicle burglaries is keeping officers at Alice Police Department busy during these summer months.

"We want the public aware of an ongoing issue with vehicle burglaries," said Alice police Chief Aniceto "Cheto" Perez. "The majority of vehicles (affected) are unlocked, about 95 percent of vehicles, giving potential thieves access."

Perez wants to remind motorists to "lock your vehicles and hide any valuables left in your vehicles."

Many criminals go around checking vehicle doors. Those doors that are unlocked give the criminal easy access to your property and your vehicle.

"They ransack your vehicle looking for valuables...," Perez stated. "Anything they think is of value. Now, if you do lock your vehicle don't forget to hide your valuables. (Thieves) will not hesitate to break a window to get to your valuables."

"The increase of burglaries began at the start of summer," said Special Crimes Investigator Brandon Reynolds. "Don't forget to illuminate your property. Using flood lights and (other) outdoor lighting will deter criminal activity from your property."

Perez says to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that your homes and garages are locked even if you are nearby. Don't let people see what you have inside your garages by leaving the door open, he said.

Chief Perez will have the bike patrol officers around town "evaluating" your vehicles; did you lock your vehicle, did you hide your valuables?

And most importantly, "If you see something, report it," Reynolds said.