Pastor and evangelist Isaac Torres, former Alice resident, was one of two recipients who were recently awarded the Texas Baptists Legacy Award at the historic Independence Baptist Church.

Torres is 92-years-old and lives in Kingsville. He continues to spread the word of God to anyone he meets.

Torres and Grant Teaff, long-time coach and Christian speaker, were chosen by a selection committee for demonstrating a focus on the Kingdom of God throughout their work and ministry.

David Hardage, executive director of Texas Baptists, preceded the recognition by delivering a sermon from Matthew 6:33 on seeking God’s Kingdom first. He encouraged those in attendance to focus on heavenly things above all else, and to prune unimportant things that waste time.

From the low platform at the front of the historic sanctuary, Hardage reminded those in attendance to remain faithful as followers of and believers in Christ. Furthermore, he urged them to continually grow in their faith.

Hardage recognized Teaff and Torres as two individuals, “who have shown us how to focus, be faithful and bear fruit.”

Torres, is a preacher, evangelist, missionary and Texas Baptists leader. He was introduced by Jerry Johnson, the retired director of missions for Rio Grande Valley Baptist Association. Johnson declared that Torres will “share his testimony with anyone who will listen, and some who do not want to listen.”

Citing one example, Johnson shared about a time that Torres was arrested in Mexico in the 1980s. While he was arrested, he began explaining the Bible to a police officer, who then asked Torres to share the Gospel with the other officers.

By the time Johnson, who was supposed to have a meeting with Torres, found the prison Torres was being held at, Torres had even shared the Gospel with a few high-ranking government officials. This led to the formation of a church in that town. At the end of the story, Johnson identified the visitors in the congregation who were members of that church in Mexico, founded so long ago by Torres’ good work.

In closing, Johnson said, “It’s always the same message [with Torres]; ‘Christ died on the cross for your sins, would you accept him as your Savior?’”

From the pulpit, Torres stood and praised God, saying, “This isn’t about me, it’s only about God. It is a blessing to be here.”