Two men were arrested Monday in connection with a burglary of a local gun store.

According to Alice police Chief Aniceto “Cheto” Perez, the men broke into the Dos Amigos Gun store by prying a door open with a crowbar. The men, Hernan Gonzalez-Villarreal and Nataren Milton-Sanchez, allegedly stole two assault rifles and four pistols from the business.

Twenty-seven-year-old Gonzalez-Villarreal of Orange Grove and 34-year-old Milton-Sanchez of Honduras were seen on the business' surveillance video. They were caught at a home on the 400 block of West Second Street.

Police have located the assault rifles and three of the pistols.

“The Criminal Investigation Unit and patrol worked together to solve the burglary that was reported this morning,” Perez stated. “Working together to solve cases.”

The men were taken to the Jim Wells County jail. They are charged with burglary of a building and five counts of theft of a firearm.

The case is under investigation.

JWC Sheriff's deputies assisted with the case. ICE has been called.