Authorities confiscated "thousands" of drug paraphernalia items in a sting Thursday at approximately 5 p.m. on the 300 block of North King Street.

For about 45 minutes, authorities from the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and the Alice Police Department executed a narcotic search warrant at the convenience store.

Investigators left the business with bags and boxes of items such as packaging and bongs that are used by narcotic users especially individuals who use synthetic marijuana.

"This is a warning to other stores," said JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno. "We are coming for you...This stuff is being sold to our children. They don't realize how dangerous this drug is. This drug is a danger and can cause death to our children..Parents and the community become victims to the affects of these drugs.

The sting was a result in a lengthy undercover work, he said.

"Narcotics are being sold. They are a gateway to real marijuana (and other narcotics) affecting the community in a major way," said JWC Investigator Ruben Lopez.

No arrest was made because the only person at the store was the clerk.

"The owner wasn't here. We want the main guy who's distributing the garbage and trash," said JWC Investigator Alan Gonzalez. "That's what it is; garbage and trash being sold on the streets of Alice."

Investigators will continue to investigate the sale of drug paraphernalia at this store.

As of press time Thursday, investigators were sorting through the confiscated items.