An unfortunate accident claimed the life of a Corpus Christi woman and sent her husband to hospital on Sunday.

Police were called to a ranch off of Farm-to-Market 3087 for an accidental shooting.

Elita D. Diaz and her husband, Gabriel Diaz of Corpus Christi, were at the ranch target practicing with family as they celebrated Father's Day, according to Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

"When they concluded the event, (the family friend) was removing the magazine from the (high powered rifle) when the rifle went off and struck her. The bullet entered her body, exited her body and struck (the husband), who was standing a short distance from her," said JWC Investigator Alan Gonzalez. "We don't believe there's any type of foul play or malice."

Gabriel Diaz is "currently in stable condition and aware of the situation."

Law enforcement officials have ruled the incident as an accidental shooting and have not filed any charges against the family friend. However, the case will be referred to the District Attorney's Office who will decide if they should take the case before the grand jury.

Sheriff Bueno urges everyone to always be aware of their surrounds especially were firearms are being used.