On Saturday, June 8th, Orange Grove Area Museum President Ernest Henderson was notified by Bradford Wyatt that the Wyatt Foundation, on behalf of Wyatt Ranches, intended to make a donation of $10,000 to the Orange Grove Area Museum. The donation is intended to help with a museum project yet to be determined.

Henderson provided documents on Monday, June 10th to the Wyatt Foundation indicating the museum was an active 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Wyatt called on Tuesday, June 11th to let him know the check would be delivered to his office that afternoon.

Later Tuesday afternoon, Walter Mencias, Division Livestock Formean and Jose Isaac Garcia IV, Vaquero, both from the Los Robles Division of Wyatt Ranches, presented a $10,000 check to Henderson.

The members of the Board of Directors, its curator and volunteers are pleased and excited with the donation to the museum made by the Wyatt Foundation. They are currently brainstorming on what museum project on which they may want to expend the funds. The museum board extends its appreciation to the foundation board of directors, Brad Wyatt—Foundation Administrator, and Billy Wells—Foundation President for choosing to make this generous gift to the Orange Grove Area Museum.

The Orange Grove Area Museum is located at 119 South Eugenia Street in Downtown Orange Grove and the phone number to the museum is 361-384-1300. The museum is open on Thursday and Friday’s throughout the year. The public is invited to visit the museum.