Brandon Zulauf was expected in the 79th District Court Tuesday as part of the criminal docket call for aggravated robbery. He did not make an appearance, but was nearby.

Zulauf's attorney Nathan Fugate asked Judge Richard Terrell for the case to be reset due to the defense's attempt to get a psychologist to determine Zulauf's sanity.

Terrell asked why this had not been done when the case was originally filed in 2017. However, he did grant Fugate's request.

Officers arrested Zulauf in connection with a double shooting that occurred at the Del Norte Trailer Park located off of North Highway 281 in September 2016.

According to police in 2016, Zulauf shot at the driver's side window of a yellow Jeep and approached the female driver.

The victim told AENJ that an unknown man demanded her car, phone and money before he pulled her out of the vehicle by her hair. When her family ran to her side Zulauf fired his gun hitting the woman's son-in-law.

The victims were taken to separate hospitals for their injuries. The woman was shot in the shoulder and face. Her son-in-law was shot in the right back shoulder.

Police arrested Zulauf half a mile south of the crime scene near his personal vehicle with a 22 caliber gun and the shotgun used in the shooting.

The victim's vehicle was found underneath a bridge south of the crime scene, according to sheriff officials.

Zulauf is in the custody of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office. He has been in custody since May on a bench warrant, unrelated to the case.