On Saturday morning, a driver, later identified as Ariana Munoz, was observed traveling down North Texas Boulevard in a brown pickup truck. Munoz failed to stay in a single lane and hit the curb several times.

Officer Juan Reyes conducted a traffic stop on Buffalo Street and made contact with Munoz. While speaking with Munoz, Reyes detected an odor of alcohol and burned marijuana.

An assisting officer observed marijuana residue on the center console. A probable cause search led to the discovery of a metal grinder with marijuana inside and an open beer can.

Munoz was booked into the Jim Wells County jail. She was charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container and possession of marijuana.

Foot pursuit ends in arrest

An attempted traffic stop Friday led to a short foot pursuit and the arrest of one man. Jesus Figueroa was traveling on Eighth Street when an Alice police officer observed him. The officer had previous run-ins with Figueroa and knew that his driver's license was invalid. When the officer attempted to stop Figueroa he sped off and parked at a residence on the 400 block of Sixth Street, which was not his residence. Figueroa took off into the thick brush. Police caught up with Figueroa and detained him. Officers found a bag of marijuana on his person. Figueroa was arrested for evading arrest, possession of marijuana and driving while license invalid. He was taken to the JWC jail.

Source: Alice police reports