Name: Alexis Benavides

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Armando Benavides

Educational or Future Plans: I recently got accepted into the (LVN) Licensed Vocational Nursing Program at Coastal Bend College. I will be starting the program June 3, 2019. After completing the program, I plan on transferring into Texas A&M Corpus Christi to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduating at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, I hope to get accepted into Baylor College of Medicine, so that I can complete a Surgical Residency and become a Licensed Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

Clubs and Officer Positions: Future Farmers of America, Varsity Powerlifting, Varsity Cheerleading.

Accomplishments/Honors: Miss Alice Texas 2018-2019, My Own Business At The Age Of 17 Named “The Lashboratory”, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Acceptance into the Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), 20 College Credits Obtained from Coastal Bend College, 14 College Credits Obtained in the Nursing Department at Coastal Bend College, Graduating Nursing Student at Coastal Bend College with Level 1 Marketable Skills Certificate, Miss Sweetheart of Alice Texas 2018-2019.

What was the best advice you ever received? Who gave you the advice? “Always work hard for what you want in life, the best things will never come handed to you. Never give up, and always be the best person you can be. Look at all you have accomplished at such a young age, continue doing what you do, and you can be the change in this world. Life will always be filled with unexpected twists and turns that we can’t predict, but remember to always show kindness and remain humble.” My parents have both given me that advice because they have always pushed me to work hard in life, and in school. My mom and dad are both very successful entrepreneurs, which is why they have shaped me into being my own entrepreneur at the age of 17. I’ve grown up to watch both of their company’s expand into something great. They have also told me to remain humble no matter the circumstance. The best route to being successful, is to always be humble and to remain true to yourself. They tell me each day to never give up on my dreams because I never know what I can accomplish, to always be the best role model to others, and in the end I will be rewarded with many opportunities life has to offer.

Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years I see myself working on getting accepted into Baylor School of Medicine. By then, I will have already graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Being accepted into Medical School is a dream that I hope to accomplish in my nearby future. I know the medical field is where I want to pursue a career because I have been involved in the Medical Field, since I was 16. I was 16 years old when I obtained my Certified Nursing Assistant License and have been working at Retama Manor of Alice, and Meridian Care of Alice, ever since. I hope my company “The Lashboratory” is successful in 5 years as well, that way I can expand my business and be able to put up a cosmetic store in different locations, malls, and shopping centers. As I go to school to practice medicine, I will continue to push myself to give my lash clients the best products I can, just to keep the business growing.

If you can change anything about this world, what would it be and why? If I can change anything, I would bring more positivity into this world. We live in a world where we see more negativity, rather than positivity. I want to be the positive change, to impact this world. Even a minor change that I make in my hometown could make an impact on those around me or in different cities, and could eventually be passed on to different states.

If I could invite three people to dinner who would it be and why? Michelle Obama, She is one of the biggest role models in today’s society. Michelle Obama is all about making this world, and her community a better place. Michelle Obama loves to participate in community events, and that is something that I love to do too. Michelle was the first African-American First Lady. As First Lady, she served as a role model for young women, and has worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. If I invited Michelle Obama for dinner, I know we would be able to talk about different exercises, politics, and different meals only because I love food, and her. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, She is all about women empowerment. This is what makes Beyoncé an icon in today’s society. Her mark on the world is evident in the thousands of women she has helped, through her powerful lyrics. She is one of the only artists in recent memory, who has stuck to one solid message throughout her whole singing career. No matter what album you listen to, you will hear Beyoncé singing about women empowerment. She will always promote the value of knowing your self worth as a woman. Just like every woman in the world, Beyoncés definition of empowerment grew up along with her. She uses her platform to promote equality, independence, fierce work ethic, self-love, and confidence. If I invited Beyoncé to dinner, I know the talk we would have would be never ending. Beyoncé has always been someone I look up to, since I was young. We would talk about numerous things such as women empowerment, new songs, lyrics, we would also talk about dancing because we can both dance. I am all about uplifting girls, and helping each girl feel like they’re worth a million dollars, and that is a topic we both relate to. Maddison Fuller, Miss Fuller was crowned Miss Texas 2018. She is an elementary school teacher, and her hometown is Fairfield Texas. She is a graduate of Texas A&M, also working on her Masters Degree at Dallas Baptist University. Produced by the Miss Texas Organization, the Miss Texas Competition exists for the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities for young Texas women, by promoting their voice in culture, politics, and community. If I had dinner with Maddison Fuller, we would definitely talk about winning pageants. She won her Miss Texas title in 2018, the year that I won my Miss Alice Texas title in 2018. I know how hard it could be to go out and perform in front of hundreds of people and doing everything you worked on, to your best ability. Representing my town was such an amazing experience I got to encounter, and knowing she represented Texas to her full potential is uplifting. We were both crowned winners in 2018, and we could definitely say we left a mark during our reigning year.


Food: Hot Wings.

Book: This Star Won’t Go Out

Movie: Everything Everything

Town In Texas: San Antonio

Vacation Spot: Cancún Mexico