Wearing a law enforcement badge means a career vowed to serving and protecting. Many times it's not a crime that officers are called to solve. Instead they offer a helping hand.

Monday evening, Alice police officer Jon Jaramillo was dispatched to Chestnut Street near the LC Drive Thru for a cat in distress.

According to Stephany Canales-Garza, she and a friend were at work when another friend called them about the cat stuck in a piece of fence. They saw the cat and her friend called the police department's non-emergency phone number.

"Everyones always ragging on police, but they will always lack to tell you the good..You don’t see this everyday," Canales-Garza wrote on her Facebook page.

Officer Jaramillo removed the fence. The cat went one way and the officer went back to work.

"With no hesitation at all this peace officer did what he had to do....and set this cat free," Canales-Garza wrote.

Law enforcement helping all living beings.