Patrol officers with the Alice Police Department will sport a new protective vest as the summer heat rises.

On Tuesday, several officers wore a new protective vest that would not only keep them safe, but the patrol officers would be more comfortable in the unforgiving South Texas heat.

"Every uniform patrol officer will have an Outer Carrier Vest. These vests are breathable, cooler and make working (in the heat) more comfortable," said Alice Interim Police Chief Aniceto Perez.

The department is purchasing 27 vests for a little over $2,000. The money will come from the drug forfeiture fund.

Each vest will display the officer's badge, body camera and radio, but instead of being inside of the regular patrol uniform it will be over a shirt designed to keep the officer cool.

"The officers can remove the vests and under they will have a special shirt that's designed with the vest," Perez stated. "The vest still protect our officers. They'll just be comfortable."