A flyer was recently passed out at an Alice Independent School District campus and was also circulating on social media about an event designed for incoming freshmen at Alice High School.

"The event looks like a hazing initiation," according to Alice ISD.

The event called Fishie Funday is being hosted by the Class of 2020 and is a way for "incoming freshmen to have fun and get to know some of us upperclassman, so that when they attend high school in August, they will see familiar friendly faces," according to the flyer passed around.

According to a AISD Facebook post, the event is not authorized by the district and any participation is at the student's own risk.

Students are to call a number posted on the flyer for any questions.

AENJ spoke to a young lady who answered a call to the posted number. The young lady did not want to provide her name.

She said they had eight "permission slips" for Fishie Funday turned in Tuesday and that the "annual field trip" would be at a ranch but would not give an exact location. She explained that there would be "people over the age of 18" at the event, but "they are not parents or AISD employees."

She explained that their would not be any hazing, but she couldn't describe the event in detail. According to her, she wasn't aware of how the event ran or how they would handle an emergency situation.

She said she had never been to this event before and was just given information by students who had participated in the "initiation" in prior years.

According to Interim Police Chief Aniceto Perez, anyone who participates in the event could face serious consequences especially if an individual is harmed or killed.