Investigators discovered stolen property inside a home on the 700 block of Fourth Street Wednesday.

Alice police and Jim Wells County sheriff officials were investigating a burglary that occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday at the Horseshoe Western Store located on Texas Boulevard.

According to police officials, a suspect(s) broke into the business by breaking a window on the store's south side. They stole over $12,000 in cash, clothes, boots and knives. A witness saw the break-in, but didn't report the burglary because they didn't want to get involved.

Thirty-year-old Jose Alfredo Mungia was taken into police custody in connection with the burglary after he was scene on surveillance video.

Interim Police Chieg Aniceto Perez said Mungia confessed to the burglary.

Mungia was charged with burglary of building. As of Thursday morning, Mungia remained in the JWC jail with a bond of $15,000.