Alice police and firefighters brushed up on their fuel tax code violations Tuesday especially with more scams popping up.

The Dyed Fuels Training Course, that was in conjunction with the fuel tax code violations, was taught by Sergeant Brett Froh with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Criminal Investigation Division.

The training explained how the Texas Tax Code can assist officers with investigations and identifying the common fuel theft schemes.

According to Froh, they have seen a rise in these types of thefts as groups are more organized. These thefts have companies playing at an uneven platform when they purchase fuel at discounted prices.

Attendees learned common fuels tax code violations, ranging from a class C

misdemeanor to a second degree felony offense. Officers learned how to collect

fuel samples and what statutes allow officers to conduct a fuel inspection as well as what to look for in fuel thefts that use cloned credit and debit cards.