The Alice Chamber of Commerce is looking for young entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up a business with its annual Lemonade Day set for Saturday, May 18.

Teams of kids from grades third to sixth can participate with a minimum of three students per team, but no more than six. Each team must submitted a completed business plan to the Chamber of Commerce located at 612 East Main Street by 12 p.m. on Monday, May 15.

Teams will draw for locations when they pick up their $50 on Monday at 5:30 at the Chamber of Commerce. The money is to be used to buy essential items to set up their stand and sell lemonade.

As teams pick up their money, they must also leave a sample of their lemonade as part of the Best Lemonade Contest. Winner would be announced at a later date.

At the end of Lemonade Day, each team will have to pay back their $50. Bankers will take 20 percent of sales from each team to be donated to the Alice Food Pantry. The remaining money will be divided along the team members.

For more information on business plans and rules visit, drop by the Chamber or call the Chamber at 361-664-3454.