On Wednesday, May 1, Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Sgt. Reuben Lopez conducted a traffic stop on Ida Street that led to an arrest and a seizure of drug and cash.

Sgt. Lopez exited the police unit to make contact with 26-year-old Jose Andres Salaiz. Saliz exited his Dodge NR4 and approached Sgt. Lopez.

Salaiz has been arrested and booked into the JWC jail several times for selling and manufacturing narcotics, according to JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

During the roadside interview with Salaiz, the investigator detected an odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. 

A probable cause search of the vehicle that led to the discovery of marijuana, THC, vials, THC wax and $2,700.

A child under 5 was sitting in the back seat near a red and black in color bag that contained more marijuana and THC. The drugs were easily accessible to the child. The child was released to a family member.

Salaiz was arrested and transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with possession of marijuana, manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and endangerment of a child criminal negligence.