SAN DIEGO – "The Courts" has received a facelift as community leaders and athletes band together to revitalize the basketball courts. Minutes after the new courts were installed athletes, of all ages, were shooting hoops. 

Recently, Ramon Gonzalez with the Vaquero Courts Committee, has put his renovation plans into effect.

"The Courts" is a place where the local youth play a few basketball games. The property across the street from the courthouse known as “The Courts.”

Over the years, generations of teenagers have taken advantage of “The Courts” to play basketball. However, the property has been practically unusable.

Gonzalez and members of the Vaquero Courts Committee have raised money and continue to raise money for the project.

Volunteers have cleaned the property, installed four new basketball courts and have planted a few trees.

Gonzalez and the committee are working on taking the old tennis court and making it into a full-sized court. Bleachers and coverings are also on the project list as well as lighting and a designated parking area.

The project should be completed by June, the end of the current school year.