SAN DIEGO - Residents of Duval County were worried about the status of the City of San Diego EMS that was posted on City Council agenda on Wednesday, April 10, meeting.

The agenda item read "discussion and possible action to advertise for a proposal for an EMS service for the City of San Diego."

Mayor Sally Lichtenberger and the city council members did not take any actual on "advertising" for EMS service.

At the beginning of the meeting, Freer resident and Freer Fire Marshal Martin Martinez addressed the council on behalf of some Freer residents who had heard that San Diego EMS was in jeopardy.

Martinez told the council that Freer residents were worried about the possible change of EMS providers because they were familiar with the EMS providers currently serving the City of San Diego. He said that these residents had expressed their concern because the San Diego EMS were locals, new the location of their homes and they new their medical history.

The paramedics in San Diego do not work only in the city limits. They are often called to help residents throughout the county whether they make house calls for emergencies or to assist with an accident.

Martinez said that the familiarity that Freer residents have with the San Diego EMS puts those clients, especially the elderly, at ease.

Mayor Lichtenberger said she is "not getting rid of the EMS and wants to work with the local EMS" before she even thinks about getting outside advertising.