Abuse of 9-1-1

Officer Nick Reyes was dispatched Monday night to a local business on the 1100 block of East Main Street in reference to a woman who called 9-1-1 several times demanding a ride home. When the officer arrived he made contact with Yvette Lerma and an employee of the business. Lerma told the officer she needed a ride home because her feet hurt from walking all day. The officer attempted to tell Lerma that police officers do not give civilians rides in police units. Lerma yelled and would not let the officer speak. The officer did tell her that calling 9-1-1 was only for emergencies and she should have called the non-emergency number. Lerma ignored the officer and continued to yell over his warnings. Lerma was arrested and taken to the Jim Wells County jail where she was charged for abuse of 9-1-1.

Traffic stop

A traffic stop on Monday afternoon sent one man to jail. The traffic stop was conducted on the 600 block of South Reynolds. The officer made contact with the driver, Jesus Rene Saenz, who gave consent for a vehicle search. During the search, officers located synthetic marijuana hidden inside a small piece of newspaper. Saenz was taken to the JWC jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Man accepts ride home and gets robbed

A man was walking home Saturday when his "Facebook friend" offered him a ride home. He accepted the ride. He told police that the car had traveled a short distance when the front seat passenger pointed a gun at him and demanded he "empty his pockets." The victim left $150 in cash on the back seat and exited the vehicle. The case is under investigation. No arrests were made.

THC discovered in traffic stop

Eddie Trevino was arrested during a traffic stop on Thursday evening near the intersection of Kennedy Street and North Texas Boulevard. When the officer approached Trevino he detected an odor of marijuana. Trevino exited the vehicle and was patted down for officer safety. Trevino told the officer he had smoked marijuana and still had a small amount left. During the search, officers discovered THC in a glass cartridge in the center console. Trevino was transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Two arrested on theft charge

A theft was reported on Thursday at a business on the 1000 block of East Main Street. Police were given a description of the three suspects who were located near the county courthouse. Police questioned Javier Gamez, Vivian Lizette Sanchez (real name is Hillarie Sanchez), and another man. During the questioning, police discovered that Gamez and Sanchez had taken multiple items from the store. Items were nine Dove soap bottles, two Listerine mouthwashes, a Crest toothpaste, three Schick razor packs and two Dove deodorants. Gamez and Sanchez were taken to the JWC jail. Gamez was charged with theft of property. Sanchez was charged with theft of property, failure to identify fugitive from justice and a warrant out of JWC. The two were taken to the JWC jail.

Source: Alice police reports