Teaching is a skill filled with passion for children and for life. For approximately 32 years, one teacher has made a positive impact in the lives of thousands of students in South Texas.

On behalf of the Alice Echo News Journal and Bowden Ford of Alice, Consuelo R. Alvarado was presented with the Amazing Teacher Award for March on Thursday. She currently teaches at Dubose Intermediate.

"It's amazing that I am now teaching my students' kids," she said laughing. "When I think about them as parents and the effort they are making in their own child's life, I know I am making an impact."

Alvarado was nominated for the award by a former student, Juan Soliz, and his son, Jadyn Soliz, a current student.

"She has made a difference in the lives of two students. She was my teacher in San Diego in the school year 2002 - 2003 and was a great teacher in our school. Now, in 2019, she's still doing what she loves and teaching my son," Juan Soliz said. "She's always going the extra mile to make sure he understands what he needs to work on and how we, as parents, can help him. Just like she did years ago with me."

Alvarado became a teacher after her daughter was born hoping to be a part of her education.

"Teaching a long time ago is totally different from teaching now. I have seen many of my students become professionals and helpful in the community," she stated. "When I look back and see these students, I know that they have appreciated their teachers for helping them."

Alvarado credits a positive attitude in her lengthy career. A positive attitude that helps her keep "pushing and helping and making a difference."

"An award like this tells me that I'm lucky that someone thought I deserved it. I work with many, many passionate and very well-educated teachers. I feel very proud and thankful for having someone think I'm doing good in the field of education," she said.

AENJ will recognize a teacher each month until the month May. To nominate a teacher who has made a difference in your child's life, you can click on the nomination "Amazing Teacher" button on our website at www.alicetx.com.