During an Alice Rotary Club meeting, Alice Councilman Pete Crisp read a proclamation in honor of social workers.

On Wednesday, Crisp and Rotarians thanked the seven social workers in attendance for the work they do for individuals in the community.

In attendance were four Alice Independent School District social workers; Nadia Moreno, Moises Maldonado, Angel Espinoza and Fabbiola Garcia; and three medical social workers; Mary Ojeda, Melissa Requenez and Nena Pitts.

Moreno and Pitts explained to Rotarians the differences in their careers.

Moreno spoke how social workers in a school district help students and their families on issues such as attendance and any grievances they may encounter.

Pitts described how medical social workers deal with people of all ages. Some social workers deal with individuals who need medical assistance to continue living and some provide comfort at the end of a person's life.

Pitts reminded everyone to thank a social worker for all they do.