Support for a measure that would legalize the sale of liquor in Erath County and eliminate the need for private club permits seems to be growing. 

More establishments including Greer’s Ranch Cafe, Bull Nettle, Rockin’ P, Legends Country Club, Caams, Twisted J, Mi Familia, Pastafina, Shooterz, Hard 8 Barbecue and Lucky Vines Vineyard now have the petition that residents can sign to get the measure on the November ballot, according to local businessman Court Cole.

Cole is part of a group called “Citizens for Responsible Beverage Laws” that is working to get 4,400 signatures of registered voters on the petition before May 17. 

“We have gotten a lot of signatures and people seem to be supporting it,” Cole said. “This is about business. It’s about making Stephenville better.”

Jann and Kayleigh Caamano, owners of Caams, recently began carrying the petition and say most people have embraced the idea.

“We haven’t received any negative feedback,” Kayleigh said. “We have a sign at the counter where people order stating that we have the petition and if they want to sign it, we hand it to them.

“This is something we strongly support. The law is outdated and we hope this passes.”