SAN DIEGO - A young man from the Southern Providence of India recently opened a pharmacy in San Diego.

Tarun Krishna Krothapalli, registered pharmacist, moved to the area with one goal in mind; to provide adequate health care to the community.

Krothapalli comes from a remote village in India. His father is a pharmacist in the village and he taught his son about how to care for those in need of medical attention.

By providing prescriptions and medical counseling one person at a time, Krothapalli attended school in the University of Illinos and received his masters. He had an internship in Dallas and than did some research it see where he would open up his own business.

"I saw that there was no pharmacy here and wanted to help," Krothapalli stated. "Being from a remote village I understand how important it is for people to get their medicine. I understand problems many people face when they don't have access to their medications."

San Diego and Duval County residents lost their only pharmacy in June of 2018 when the La Hacienda Pharmacy owner Adolfo S. Montemayor closed his doors after 50 years of service.

"Helping people is my main concern," Krothapalli stated.

Krothapalli has been in business for approximately three weeks and is helping his customers, especially his elderly clients by providing one-on-one care.

He has taken it upon himself to deliver medication to his clients in Alice, Benavides, Freer and San Diego.

"Not everybody can afford to travel and stand in a line to get their medications. It's easier for me to help people, especially my older patients, get their medicine," he stated. "About 80 percent of my patients are elderly and some don't know how to read. When I visit them I help them understand how to properly take the medicine."

Krothapalli has had a steady flow of clients in his short time in the community.

"I am happy to be here," Krothapalli said. "The community seems to be happy that I'm here and that make me happy."

Krothapalli's pharmacy is located at 500 South Dr. EE Dunlap suite C. He is open Monday through Friday and can be reached at 361-209-8322.