BENAVIDES - Nineteen-year old Erick Ramos was booked into the Duval County jail in connection with human trafficking.

Benavides Police Officer Lollie observed a black Ford F-350 on Monday evening pickup commit numerous traffic violations and attempted to conducted a traffic stop.

According to Benavides police, Ramos, a resident from Laredo, refused to stop, ensued a chase and jumped from the moving vehicle. Police discovered that the pickup was reported stolen from the San Antonio area in February.

When the vehicle came to a stop, approximately 14 undocumented immigrants exited the vehicle and fled into the brush, police said.

With the assistance of the Freer Border Patrol the majority of the undocumented immigrants were located and detained.

Ramos was also located in the brush. He was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest in a vehicle and trafficking of person, three felony offenses.

Ramos was given a $30,000 bond.