The Alice city council met on Tuesday night and discussed the hiring of a new school resource officer. The council had previously agreed to enter into an agreement with the city over the hiring of an officer, but after further discussions it was decided the county would hire the officer and work on his training. Per the terms of the agreement, the county will pay half of the officer’s salary, which totals $50,000, while the city will pay the other half, leaving the bill for the city at $25,000.

This arrangement was approved by the Alice ISD school board on Monday night in there regularly scheduled meeting. According to council members, Orange Grove ISD has a similar arrangement. The actual agreement is a three pronged approach, with the county providing the officer and half of their salary, the school providing an office and the city providing the other half of their salary.

This position will be a full-time position and it is unclear whether the hire will come internally or be someone new to the force.

The council also approved funds for Alice ISD to obtain a drug dog. The school system hopes that the dogs unannounced, weekly visits will deter drug usage and sales in the school. The city approved $3,000 for the maintenance and veterinarian bills for the canine.