The former Exxon station on Highway 44 is currently seeking a tenant. The building has long been referred to as an eyesore by many in the community and with its prominent location and rash of code violations, it has earned that reputation.

“The city’s code department has sent many notices to the owners,” said Alice City Manager Michael Esparza.

The owners of the property, according to Esparza, are the Culpepper family, who reside in the Bryan/College Station area and own many retail and shopping centers throughout the state. The family employs a property management group, Stalworth Properties, to manage this site.

“The council and mayor have asked about that property and what we can do. It was boarded up, it has grass that overgrows and people have gone inside at times. It has been a danger at times,” said Esparza.

The car wash section of the property is being demolished, but the main building will be left standing to help with future infrastructure needs. According to Esparza, the family has been in communication with Starbucks, but that is still in the “preliminary stages”.

“This has all been private enterprise,” explained Esparza. “The city had no role other than contacting the owners about code violations.”

Esparza said he called to family to thank them for demolishing part of the property and that the Culpepper family are actively seeking a tenant for the busy location.