A second set of care-a-vanners were welcomed to Alice on Sunday, March 3 with warm dinner at the Church of Christ by the Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity (HFH) board members and their families along with habitat families.

Care-a-vanners ate a brisket dinner with the works. Care-a-vanners introduced themselves.

The care-a-vanners from across the United States will be in town to help build a new home at a reduced cost for the Farias family. The care-a-vanners travel the country helping Habitat for Humanity homes.

Roy and Monica Farias along with their children are the recipients of the JWC HFH's 16th house that will be located on Mary Vera Street.

JWC HFH board members cleaned the property for the four bedroom home where the Farias will grow and make memories. Construction on the Farias' new home begins in January 2019.

This set of care-a-vanners begin construction on the inside of the house. The family home is expected to be competed and move-in ready for the Farias around Mother's Day 2019.

HFH works in local communities across all 50 states in the United States and in approximately 70 countries with one goal - to provide people with a decent place to live and call home. The Habitat for Humanity crew is made solely of volunteers, both local and non-local. Most of the crew members are retired and dedicate all their time to building the home they are signed up for. The Christian housing ministry is possible because of the volunteers and private donations.