SAN DIEGO - The 2019 annual Duval County Fair had two full days and nights of students from the county showcasing their animals and home economic exhibits.

The Duval County Fair, is hosted annually by the Rotary Club of San Diego, to help students understand the importance of agriculture while they have a chance to earn money they can use towards their college tuition.

Every year, Rotarians add to the fair getting the community more involved in the fair. This year, Rotarians held a photogenic contest and announced the winners during the Friday opening ceremonies. Miss Alice Alexis Benavides helped present sashes and certificates to the contest winners.

The fair auction made $244,636 Saturday evening.

Grand champion steer and reserve broke the record at sale. The grand reserve sold for $25,000 which was bought by Wyatt Ranches and Duval County Commissioner David Garza and his wife, Marla. The reserve streer was bought by Wyatt Ranches for $21,000.

Rotarians also honored a member of the community and fellow rotarian, Dale Wilson, who has dedicated much of his life and work to the community.