After 34 years of service, Deputy Hector Zertuche with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office announced his retirement from law enforcement.

Zertuche's final day was in January. He began his career in July of 1970 vowing to serve and protect his community.

For the last seven years, Zertuche was the Environment Crimes Officer. He was in charge of any and all illegal dumping as well as any chemical spills in the JWC area.

Environmental crimes were not all he did as an officer.

Deputy Zertuche started his law enforcement career with the Alice Police Department. He was alter drafted into the Vietnam War with the United States Army. When he returned from serving his country, he became a court bailiff with the district judge before returning to the Alice PD and finally as an Environmental Crime Officer for the sheriff's department.

Zertuche is now enjoying a much slower pace life and spends his days with his family.