Judge Edelia Gonzalez-Lemon will have over 150 cases on the Alice Municipal Court docket for Tuesday, March 5. Cases range from theft to city ordinance- use of wireless device while driving to assault.

Some of the cases are:

Besty Camarillo for unrestrained child under 8 years of age or 4 feet 9 inches tall Jennifer Rivera Chavarria for assault Leon Andrew DeLeon for assault Veronica Diaz for city ordinance - use of a wireless device while driving Michelle Lynn Doughtie for theft Roman Flores for parked in a handicap space Jesus Manuel Garcia for speeding in a school zone 39 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone Sarah Lynn Herrera for possession of drug paraphernalia Clemente Francisco Lopez for open container and possession of drug paraphernalia Virginia Nava for parked in a handicap space and DOC fighting with another Note: These are not all the cases.