The City of Alice has stated that the community’s water supply is safe to drink, despite recent concerns about its taste and odor.

The announcement was prompted by calls from residents complaining about the water.

According to the city, a natural process which occurs in surface water supplies is to blame for the odor in the water. Alice’s water is pumped from Lake Corpus Christi to Lake Findley. From there, it is treated in the city’s nearby water treatment plant.

“We are a surface water community which means our water source is Lake Corpus Christi. We pump water to Lake Findley and then onto our plant for treatment,” the city stated in a media release issued late Wednesday afternoon.

“Periodically, lake stratification, more commonly know as lake turn over, occurs in Lake Findley. This is a natural process where water turns over from the bottom to top. This causes a strong odor in the water. Even though the water is properly and thoroughly treated, filtered and disinfected, it can still have a mild taste and odor as it goes through our distribution lines. To address this issue, we have begun making slight treatment adjustments and will continue to adjust and monitor daily.”

The city stated that the treatment adjustments are expected to last as long as two weeks. It stated that in the interim, the city will continue daily monitoring and testing.

“The City of Alice has continuous monitoring at our treatment plant throughout the entire treatment, filtration and disinfection process. We also monitor our distribution system daily with thorough sampling and monitoring and follow an approved monitoring plan. Additionally, we perform weekly bacteriological sampling to ensure the safety of our water. A certified lab completes this weekly testing,” according to the media release.