Members of the community came together on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Black History Month. The celebration, began in 1970, but has its beginning in the 1920s. The Alice celebration focused on celebrating the history of African American people through music, speeches and education exhibits featured throughout the venue.

Music was a prominent feature for the day, with many choirs and soloists performing. The AHS choir performed the unofficial Negro National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. The Texas A&M Jazz Band was on hand to perform, as well as saxophonist Daryl Eason. Dinah Taylor also sang a selection of songs by Whitney Houston.

The keynote speaker was Liza Wisner, a Kenyan born American who has attained much success after coming to the states in 1999 on a golf scholarship from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Wisner was also a top three finalist on The Apprentice, the television program formerly helmed by President Donald Trump. Wisner gave an inspiring speech about the power of people and how one person can provide their family with “generational wealth”.

“Tomorrow is not promised, all you have is today,” said Wisner. “The time is now, the opportunities are now.”

She also encouraged those in attendance to never remain neutral in the face of conflict. Wisner discussed her great grandmother, who had been a Kenyan freedom fighter.

“When you remain neutral, you’re actually on the side of the oppressor,” said Wisner.

Dinner followed the days events.