Alice Independent School District recently proposed a $20,790,000 bond that will go before voters in the May election. However, before the voters get to the voting polls the school district will host a series of information sessions open for the public.

Starting Feb. 22, the public is invited to attend, listen, question and provide feedback about the bond.

The proposed bond was presented to the school board by AISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough, who explained the reason behind the bond.

If the bond is passed by voters, the bond means major changes will occur to the nine operating campuses in AISD including the closure of Memorial Intermediate, Salazar Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary. Dubose Intermediate will be repurposed into an elementary campus.

The proposal means that Schallert, Saenz, Noonan and Dubose campuses would be expanded to hold students from pre-k through fifth grade; William Adams Middle School will house students from sixth through eighth grade, and Alice High School will continue to have students in grades ninth through 12th.

The proposed work would begin this fall with a completion date of June 2021, according to Dr. Scarbrough. Work includes adding additional classrooms to Schallert, Noonan, Saenz and Dubose.

Schallert, Noonan and Saenz elementary would get gym's added for students to have a place during the winter season and rainy months.

In order for WAMS to hold the extra grade at the campus, the plan proposes to add an extra 16 classrooms, which could be on one floor or two floors. Also in the proposal is the repair of portions of the Alice HS roof and the renovation of the school's parking lots.

If the proposal passes, school boundaries will be modified to determine which of the four elementary campuses students will attend based on residency.

Dr. Scarbrough ensures that the school district tax rate of $1.33 will not be raised with the proposal of this bond. This is only possible because the district will pay off a bond in August.

According to Dr. Scarbrough, if voters do not pass the bond their school taxes would drop by seven cents.

If the bond does not pass in May the district will have another chance at the proposal, but not until 2028 when the district pays off more debt.