SAN DIEGO - The Vaquero Courts Committee had several San Diego athletes pick up shovels, rakes and other garden tools on Saturday, Feb. 16 to help with the cleanup at the Courts.

The courts are located across the street from the Duval County Courthouse. They are a "hangout" place for local teens to play basketball. However, the property has one unusable basketball court, a tennis court and picnic tables.

In April, Roman Gonzalez with the West Alice Youth Center and the Vaquero Courts Committee, received permission to transform the property into a useable area for everyone.

Over the years, generations of teenagers have taken advantage of the property, but each year the property takes a beating from the weather.

County officials have said the property has ben poorly maintained and in need of some tender, love and care.

According to Gonzalez, he would like to fix the second basketball court's foundation, repurpose the tennis courts into a full size basketball court, add bleachers and restore the picnic tables for San Diego and Duval County residents.

Gonzalez hopes to have changes to the property by the summer months.

The Vaquero Courts Committee is in need of donations for the project.

"We need all the help we can get," Gonzalez said. "Right now, it may not look like a lot, but if people just look to the future and what it can do for everyone, it'll be worth it."

Gonzalez's plans to add to the courts over the years, but it all depends on donations. Anyone who would like information on the project can call 361-701-1464.