Officers discovered a large bag of synthetic marijuana and catnip during a traffic stop on north Highway 281.

On Saturday, a traffic stop was conducted on a maroon Dodge Journey. When they approached the driver, officers observed marijuana in plain view and conducted the search.

The four occupants, 23-year-old Dustin Moreida, 24-year-old Yvette Anguiana, 24-year-old Enrique Gonzalez and 21-year-old Jennifer Ocana, were detained as officers searched the vehicle.

During the search, officers, from the Jim Wells County Patrol and Narcotics Division along with the Alice Police Department's Narcotics Division, located a gallon size ziploc-like bag that contained a total of 4.85 ounces of synthetic marijuana, according to Lt. Ernie Rivera with the JWC Sheriff's Office.

Also found during the search was a bag of catnip. Catnip, normally used for cats, is used as a cutting agent to be mixed with the synthetic marijuana as a way to produce more narcotics to sell, Lt. Rivera stated.

"For those of you who are smoking synthetic marijuana you need to realize and understand that you are not only smoking this poison, but you're also smoking other chemical agents such as catnip."

The suspects were transported to the JWC jail.

At the jail, Gonzalez was discovered with two small bags of synthetic marijuana in his groin area and Ocana was found to be in possession of a pocket knife.

All four suspects were charged with possession of a controlled substance. Gonzalez and Ocana received an additional charge of prohibited substance in a correctional facility.