Alice police will join other law enforcement agencies in the annual warrant roundup on Saturday, Feb. 23. However, Alice police and the Alice Municipal Court are reminding citizens, especially those who have a warrant, to take care of this issue during the amnesty period which ends on Friday.

If you have not taken care of any outstanding tickets, during this annual event, you are being reminded to reach out during the amnesty period and try and make arrangements before police come knocking at your door.

The Alice Municipal Court will be open till Friday at 5 p.m.

During the Warrant Roundup, city leaders, sheriff's deputies and police are asking you to head to the Municipal Court to clear up any outstanding tickets.

The amnesty period guarantees that anyone can arrive at the municipal court or police department without fear of being arrested.

The judge will be in court on the 20th. If anyone has questions about a possible warrant or to make arrangements they are asked to call 361-668-7285.