Walmart in Alice unveiled its latest innovation on Friday. The innovation is designed to cater to busy-on-the-go individuals and online shoppers. 

The bright orange 16-foot pick-up tower located inside the store is like a giant vending machine that holds website and app orders. The tower is designed to hold over 200 parcels, according to Adan Campos, Walmart's Market eCommerce Manager.

A sneak peek to the store's newest service started Friday, Feb. 1 and customers will have a chance to try out the new service throughout the weekend.

There are only two towers in the Coastal Bend; the other tower is at the Calallen store.

“Customers can pickup their packages at any given time...,” Campos stated. “They can place an order online or on the Walmart app. They will get a barcode or order number in an email. They can scan the barcode or enter the order number and retrieve their items. It's that simple.”

Currently, the tower is only for products that customers can find on the website; groceries and fresh produce are not available through the pickup tower.

For larger items that may not fit in the tower such as televisions and bicycles, customers will find those items in the automated locker. Larger items like swing sets will still be held in the back and will need associate assistance.

“The project has gone through several stages and will continue to further expand for the customers convenience,” Campos stated.