Looking at national news can be a frightening situation to venture anywhere with out the thought of an active shooter event.

On Friday, first responders demonstrated their training skills with a hands-on scenario at the CHRISTUS Hospital Alice. First responders took a tactical emergency casualty care training by the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council with instructors from the Philadelphia and Washington Fire Department, Secret Service and Air Force.

The purpose of the class to teach area agencies how to create rescue task forces for incidents, such as active shooter events, where large amounts of injured people need help, according to Alice Fire Chief Patrick Thomas.

The tactical emergency casualty care training is a four-day course where law enforcement, EMS and fire personnel get together and practice working as a team with one purpose - to save lives, according to Hilary Watt, executive director of Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council.

"It happens everywhere," Watt stated as she talked about training for active shooters. "We owe it to our community and our first responders to train for it... The purpose of the course is to recognize and stop the bleeding, getting people out of the scene, and have law enforcement, EMS and fire work together for one purpose."

According to instructors at the course, while many active shooters events don't happen it is always better to be prepared for the event. Knowing how to work together to help as many injured people survive an ordeal is essential for all first responders.

"Many people die at the scene because they don't get care on scene fast enough or don't get to the (hospital) for care," Watt said.

Watt referenced the active shooter scenario in Robstown in July 2018 where five people were killed; three at a nursing home and two at a secondary location. 

"It can happen anywhere,"Watt said. "It's better to be ready."

First responders took turns simulating an active shooter event which a large amount of people injured with an ongoing threat.