Name: Maya Rose Garcia

Parents: Rose M. Garcia, Juan M. Garcia Jr.

Educational or Future Plans: I plan on attending Texas A&M-Corpus Christi to pursue a Bachelor of Science (BS) in biomedical sciences, as well as the Army ROTC program to pursue a military science degree and guidance through my college years. From there I plan to go either active duty or reserve as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army and obtain work experience as well as serve my country. Although there is a lot of work that needs to be put in to achieve this, I plan to take on the challenge to become successful in life.

Clubs and Officer Positions: I am in the AHS band and have been a member of the drumline for four years now and a section leader for two. Along with the topic of leadership positions, I am this years Corps Commander, the top cadet who runs the ROTC program in their last year of high school and is chosen by MSGT Mary Lane. I have also remained a member of National Honors Society for the past two years.

Accomplishment/Honors: Recipient of the National Sojourners, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and Air Force Association Outstanding Cadet through AFJROTC unit TX-931. Member of AHS Honors Band program for three consecutive years. Received all 1’s at UIL marching competition 2018.

Best advice ever received: The best advice I've ever received is everything happens for a reason. It was something I heard my family say as I was growing up and have learned the truth in that statement. There are things that happen in our lives both good and bad; sometimes those things seem unfair and like the world is against us but I have come to learn that better things are in store for me. By remembering there are better days to come, that the things in my life are happening for a reason, I am given the patience to get through the bad days and hope for a better one.

If you could change anything about this world, what would it be and why? If I could change anything about this world it would have to be proper and affordable health care for all people in both a physical and mental aspect. The health care system in place currently and in the past has a variety of holes that prevent people from getting the care they need. From mental health services, to the extended hospital stays, all people need and deserve to get the services needed to continue healthy functioning lives and provide comfort in their last days.

If you could invite three people to dinner (other than relatives) who would they be and why? If I could invite three people to dinner other than my relatives they would be Artist, producer and rapper Kim-Namjoon. He is a representative of the Love Myself campaign in collaboration with UNICEF, promoting self love and ending violence domestically, in schools, and varieties of assaults as well as speaking at the United Nations gathering earlier this year. I believe he is a very wise and successful man for his young age of 25 and inspires me to do more for myself. Secondly, I would invite Steven Spielberg. His movies and writings have created mark's in history and I would like to know writing tips as well as things that inspire him to write to get some motivation. He is a very important person in pop culture and I would like to talk face to face with him as well as thank him for his work. I would also like to invite Iskra Lawrence, a plus size model who is an ambassador of the National Eating Disorders Association. Her presence radiates positivity of being healthy and confident in yourself rather than focusing on the number on the scale. She also opens up on her own struggles making her a relatable and influential woman for young girls to look up to.


Food - spaghetti, because I get to put a lot of parmesan on top and eat garlic bread which are some of my favorites

Book - A favorite book of mine is The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. I think it's a really interesting concept on the perspective of a 200 year old 18th century vampire waking up in the late 1980’s. The way the author writes Lestat's character, his diction in comparison to the new world around him is both different but just as extravagant and chaotic.

Movie - Coco is a favorite movie of mine because it reminds me of where my family came from and the importance of remembering loved ones.

Town in Texas - San Antonio would have to be my favorite town in Texas because of the family I have that lives there. I love being able to see them when I can and enjoy the opportunities as well as the excitement of the city.

Vacation Spot - Concan, Texas is my favorite vacation spot because it reminds me of relaxing in the river with my family and taking a break from the daily demands of life.