Representatives from Christus Spohn were in Alice on Wednesday offering virtual tours of the new Christus Spohn Shoreline tower that is set to open in April. The tours allowed patients, doctors and Christus Spohn employees to see the new tower, which comes with a price tag of $335 million.

Tours were available through virtual reality, letting the tourist ‘walk’ through the new building and see the new chapel, patient rooms, cafeteria and various research and examination rooms.

“I think the new tower is very innovative,” said Margot Rios, Chief Nursing Officer at CSA and Spohn Shoreline tourist. “It looks very spacious and modern and appears to be user-friendly for both health care providers and patients.”

The tours were being offered on Wednesday in Alice and other stops are scheduled at various other Christus Spohn facilities in Kingsville and Beeville.

“When patients seek care in our community and are in need of a next level of care, having a hearty and robust tertiary center is a vital piece of that equation,” said Thomas McKinney, Hospital President of the Alice and Kingsville Christus Spohn facilities.

McKinney also explained that when patients check in at the Alice facility, they are essentially checked in at the Spohn facilities in Corpus Christi, if more care is required; meaning that registering all over again would not be an issue.

“Having your company grow and expand its capabilities is nothing but good,” said McKinney, of the nearly four-year project.