There was a light moment during the swearing-in of Jim Wells County’s elected officials Tuesday morning.

As 79th District Judge Richard Terrell read out load the oath of office for newly-elected Jim Wells County judge Juan Rodriguez, he came across an error in the document. The oath stated Rodriguez was taking over the office of Justice of the Peace Pct. 5 instead of county judge.

As Terrell read the oath, he abruptly stopped and turned to county commissioners and seated nearby to point out the oversight.

“He is not the Justice of the Peace,” Terrell said.

After an uncomfortable second, Terrell noted the correction while Rodriguez took it all in stride with a confident smile. With his right hand still raised, he said, “We’ll fix it later.” Moments later, the district courtroom, filled with family, friends and supporters of those being sworn in, erupted in applause as Rodriguez, a long-time Justice of the Peace and a one-time mayor of Alice, officially became the county’s new judge.

Rodriguez took over the office by beating former judge Pete Trevino Jr. in the Democratic Primary in March. Rodriguez was unopposed in the general election in November.

Terrell also swore in his long-time district court bailiff Richard Deleon, who was taking over the office Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace office. Deleon won the position by beating longtime lawman Hector L. Villarreal in the general election in November. Afterwards, Deleon’s wife, Ester, stood up and ceremoniously helped him put on his judge’s robe for the first time.

Jim Wells County Court At Law judge Michael Garcia and District Clerk R. David Guerrero were also sworn in by Terrell.

Rodriguez later administered the oath of office to the rest of the county officials either elected of re-elected in November. They included County Clerk J.C. Perez III, County Treasurer Mark Dominguez, Pct 2 County Commissioner Ventura Garcia Jr., Pct. 4 County Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez, Justice of the Peace Sylvia I. Johnson, Justice of the Peace Pct. 5 Luiz M. Paiz and Justice of the Peace Pct. 6 Jose L. Kino Rodriguez.