Alice Municipal Court will have court on Tuesday, Jan. 8 with Judge Edelia Gonzalez-Lemon presiding. Offenses range from theft to possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Some of the cases are:

Jennifer Lynn Cervantes for DOC fighting with another Leroy Garcia for theft Nelissa Nicole Gonzalez for open container Nora Pena Gonzalez for parked in handicap space Eduardo Lee Guajardo II for city ordinance - use of wireless device while driving Casey Ray Harris for assault Alyssa Marie Hernandez for possession of drug paraphernalia Clarissa Monique Quintanilla for failed to stop for school bus (or remain stopped) Melissa Trevino Rivas for disregard railroad crossing gate or flagman Joshua Tyler Rodriguez for possession of drug paraphernalia Reminder these are just some of the cases for Tuesday.