New Year’s Eve is a popular night for letting off fireworks.

This fun pastime has some rules though. First of all, firework stands are only allowed to be open for winter holidays from December 20 through January 1. Fireworks are legal to posses year round, and can be shot at any time as long as one is outside the city limits of where they reside.

Some other laws regarding fireworks are as follows:

• You must be 16 years of age to purchase fireworks.

• It is illegal to shoot fireworks within 600 feet of a church, hospital or school.

• You cannot shoot fireworks from a motor vehicle or towards a motor vehicle.

It is also recommended that you stay safely away from those who are lighting the fireworks and keep children a safe distance from the festivities.

“With the rain that we’ve had recently and how the weather is supposed to dry out for New Year’s, we expect good sales,” said Araceli Rivera, who is operating a fireworks stand on Hwy. 44.

Make sure to be safe when lighting off all the fireworks this weekend and don’t forget to ooh and ahh over each display.