Those planning to indulge in some harder alcohol this New Year’s holiday will have to plan their trip to the liquor store ahead of time.

State laws require liquor stores to be closed on Sundays. Liquor stores will also be closed on New Year’s Day, which means if you’re planning some last-minute buying, it’ll have to be done Monday.

Sergio Leal, manager of The Jigger, cautions patrons to make their purchases early in the day.

“The best time to come (to the store) is early, otherwise, it’s a fight for parking,” said Leal.

Texas law mandates that all liquor stores maintain the same hours, those being 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

According to Leal, liquor sales are usually high through the holidays and sales usually revolve around the standard types of liquor and those who are wishing to forego the hard stuff can still make their beer and wine purchases at local grocery stores.