Name: Kamylle Hernandez

Parents: Roberto Hernandez Jr. and Nora Hernandez.

Educational and Future Plans: In May of 2019 I will graduate from Alice High School with an FHS Distinguished diploma and also an Associate’s of Arts degree from Coastal Bend College. I plan to attend Mays Business School at Texas A&M University- College Station and major in marketing the Fall of 2019. With my degree, I plan to get hired to work for a company’s marketing team while studying towards a Master’s degree in Business Marketing. Later on, I plan to create my own business.

Clubs and Officer Positions: Early College High School Student (2015-2019), National Honor Society member (2018-2019), DECA Chapter President (2018-2019), Senior Class President (2018-2019), Junior Class Vice-President (2018-2019)

Accomplishments/Honors: Top 10-percent of the Class of 2019, 4-year top 20 student, DECA International Business Plan District 1 Winner (2018), DECA International Business Plan State Qualifier (2018), National History Day State Qualifier (2016), 2-year CCD Teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (2017-2019)

The best advice that I have ever received was from Aunt Norma: “Keep God first in your life and the rest will fall into place.” I will carry this advice with me for years to come. Whenever times get tough I will always remember that God has a plan for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself graduated with a bachelor's degree in business marketing. I hope to have a job that allows me to travel and get hands-on experience in the world of business. Also, I will be working towards my Master’s degree in Business Marketing.

If I could change anything in this world, it would be the drastic difference among average citizens and the 1-percent. The uneven distribution of wealth creates an unjust divide for people of different socioeconomic status that requires the people at the bottom, work 10 times as hard just to get by.

If I could invite three people to dinner I would choose Jesus Christ: Growing up Catholic, my faith has been the center of my life. I would love to sit down with Jesus and thank him for all that he sacrificed for me. Kim Kardashian: Despite what anyone has to say about her, Kim Kardashian is a very successful businesswoman who has innovated the world of digital marketing through social media. She has built an empire by branding her own name. Plus, she has a similar personality to me, so I’m pretty sure we would be best friends. Will Ferrell: I would invite Will Ferrell because every movie he makes is hilarious. I can imagine just laughing throughout the entire dinner.

Food: My favorite food is definitely my mom’s green enchiladas!

Book: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

Movie: Either Legally Blonde or Miss Congeniality.

Town in Texas: Houston.

Vacation Spot: Ruidoso, New Mexico.