The 14-year-old suspect charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault of three children walked into the Jim Wells County Courthouse with handcuffs Friday for his first court appearance.

The teen faced Judge Jose Rodriguez to see what would happen to him. Rodriguez who sent him back to a juvenile detention facility.

Police detained the 14-year-old boy Wednesday for allegedly sexually assaulting three victims who are under the age of 10.

An investigation began when the mother of one of the five-year-old victims was notified of a school incident with her daughter. When the victim was questioned about the incident, she disclosed information about a sexual assault that occurred to her and her sibling during a gathering in November the mother's friends.

The victims' mother alerted the other parents who attended the gathering and soon another child reported an encounter with the teen suspect.

According to police, the suspect is alleged to have had two of his victims touch his "private area" and "raped" the third victim during another gathering. Police have a witness to the third incident.

Due to the ages of the victims, they were taken to the Child Advocacy Center for interviews. The suspect was taken to a juvenile detention facility.

The investigation is ongoing.